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At Fitlogiq, we help people to lose weight or stay fit with the help of good nutrition and by adopting a healthy active lifestyle.

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16+ Years Of Experience As A Wellness Coach And Nutritionist

Sujauddin Mandal, an ex-army man turned renowned wellness coach,  took retirement from army after being seriously injured in a war. For two years he was undergoing treatment in various hospital but didn’t get desired result.
When he adopted good nutrition and healthy active lifestyle, he got tremendous result. He decided to help more people like him and took it as a career…..

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More and More people are getting outstanding health result at Fitlogiq

An easy-to-adopt guide to health and happiness from the inside out.

When people come to Fitlogiq, not only do they lose weight or gain weight, but they also get an outstanding health result that they have always dreamed of.

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"I never thought I could lose weight either. But when I came here and saw that many more like me were losing weight, I believed that I could do it too. I lost 15 kg and am much better now."
Prithwish Mukherjee
Web Designer
"I am very happy to be in Fitlogiq. Ever since I was a child I was fat I never thought I would ever be slim but coming here has fulfilled my dream.!"
"I heard that everyone here comes to lose weight but Sir told me that I can also gain weight if I want. I thought I'd give it a try. I saw that I really gained 12 kg weight. Thank you Fitlogiq.!"
Md. Sadab

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We always conduct researches on health and wellness to check the global status

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Why we need to Loose Weight and maintain it ?

Well researched article regarding weight loss and maintaining a ideal body weight.

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